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my soul is painted like the wings of a butterfly,

fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die

Anemone Hornby
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Anemone Madeline Hornby, née Wilkes.

Born - 1 August 1962.
Raised - Hastings, East Sussex, England.
Blood - Pure.
Schooled - Slytherin, Class of 1980.
Now Living - Hastings, East Sussex, England.
Working - Model for Witch Weekly.
Family - Cyril (father) and Rosa (mother). Decian and Paris (older brothers, deceased). Some Scrimgeours and the Greengrass family.
Marital - Married to Silvester Hornby, but don't worry. She's still messing around with Dorian.
Otherwise - A quiet girl who has never felt comfortable as herself.

"I have named the destroyers of nations: comfort, plenty, and security - out of which grow a bored and slothful cynicism, in which rebellion against the world as it is, and myself as I am, are submerged in listless self-satisfaction." -- John Steinbeck

OOC - Not Anemone. / Not Lindsay. / Not JK Rowling.
Journal titles from "The Show Must Go On" by Queen.
The person(s) and situations portrayed in this journal are fictional.
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